Monday, July 13, 2015

Building Your Space

Hello internet friends!

I know I've been a bit MIA, but I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't really had many creative ideas on what to post.


Today I wanted to talk about building your own space.
My room is definitely my escape spot, I always find myself spending an unhealthy amount of time inside my room when I'm feeling sluggish or down. I think the idea of a empty room becoming something that treasures memories and meaning to someone is pretty cool. The most fascinating part is that no two people will have an identical spot to runaway too. Growing up I've loved home decor simply because it brings this sort of joy to me knowing that I have the power to do whatever I want to my spot.

I thought It'd be cool to bring you guys along on this process as I begin to re-build my spot and make it somewhere I can be happy and be myself. I figured I would give you a little preview and glimpse on some of the things that I've been working on!

*I know this might spark controversy on cultural appropriation but if thats something you would be interested in me making a post about definitely let me know, I am in no means trying to offend anyone by glamorizing "trends" rather than culture. 
I have been receiving crystals and statues as a gifts for a few years now and its one of the most important things in my room

I have been putting my polaroid to use a lot this month.
I remember growing up with several of these cameras at my grandparents house and I think photography is a nostalgic thing that can trigger certain emotions and memories.

Throughout the years I have been collecting and receiving a number of books. The thought of escaping into a different storyline can be an interesting thing to do on your free time. 

I think I've mentioned them in an old post (probably on my old blog) but Social Print Studio is one of my favorite companies that have come up to my attention in these last few years. I remember stumbling upon them one day and falling in love. Earlier this week I posted on instagram that they were the reason that I take my instagram feed a bit seriously now. All jokes aside, I've always been a fan of having a physical copy rather than using the internet. I love having these prints sit about my desk as a reminder of all the awesome memories!

I am still in the process of finding the right artworks to build my art wall like the ones that are all over  pinterest. I have even been framing photos from my photography projects and incorporating them to my wall.

As a college student I am always trying to stick to a budget that works for me. I have found that its not always necessary to find things at expensive home decor stores. To be honest my favorites places to find these things are at markets or Marshalls and TJ Maxx. You can create your own space without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Majority of these things come from one of these three. 

If you guys would be interested in me continuing these previews, or the final project let me know!
Also I would appreciate a few suggestions on what you would like to read about next. 

I hope you are all having a great start to your week
with all love


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