Saturday, September 5, 2015


These last few days I have found myself in these pondering phases. I have been experiencing several nights where I just sit and think about the past, present and future.

I'm not normally one to open up to people, but recently I feel like it isn't as bad as I normally envisioned it being. I've always been someone who finds the idea of reading people fascinating and eye opening. I find that doing this allows me to see different aspects of my life and helps me in how to improve my self being.

I always get questions from friends and family on confidence and finding yourself at a young age. It actually started from a young age, because I was that kid that parents always told their kids should look up to. To be completely honest with you, I've always hated it. Not only did kids shy away from me and called me names, but it created insecurities.

As I've grown up these last few years however, I'm really appreciative of how my mom raised my brother and I. She has always given us a vision of how you can be capable of accomplishing anything as long as you put your mind to it.

So with that being said I present to you my most asked question of all time?

"What's your inspiration in life?"

God I really do hate this question. Theres no right answer.. or one answer!

If were talking about who, then obviously my mom.
If were talking about what, theres quite of few things.
Inspiration comes from how you view certain things, and take from it to create your own vision. I take inspiration from my everything, but two of the things that inspire me everyday, are my surroundings and failure.

Failure is something really scary and often makes me shy away from ever trying something again. That was until I realized that you have the capacity in you and the motivation to beat the thoughts that tell you that you can't. Failure gives you the vision from both sides and allows you to learn from your mistakes. Along with failure, take a look around to everything. Learn from people's stories. Learn from the environment around you. Observation is key to learning, and my tip to finding a little more about you.

If I can offer you any sort of advice it would be to let go of your fears, and try for a day to look at this world from someone else's perspective.

Believe me, you'll learn a lot!


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