Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I think if you look at people's lives from an outside perspective (as we do) we are fooled the majority of the time by the fake smiles and forced positive gestures. The truth is, half of the things you see from the outside are almost all false.

A week ago

"If you could go back.. to the beginning, would you change anything?" 

There's something about having conversations with old friends and reminiscing over old memories. Last week I found myself doing just this with a friend, and she asked me this question.

As I sat there on the phone thinking about my response, I reflected in my mind the thousands of things throughout a span of time that I could of possibly wished differently. The truth is, time is nothing but moving numbers. Time is something that is almost impossible to stop. As we move through life there are hundreds of things that stick in our heads and make us question where we stand in our life. I think honestly looking back I can say that I don't regret anything. Although I do consider the different outcomes situations could have created, I acknowledge that if certain times would have been different, my life would not be the way it is today.

Time is a funny thing. I, as well as most of us spend my time looking back at history. I spend my time living in the past. I spend my time hoping that if one thing could of been changed, I in the present would be different. Why is it that we obsess over trying to create a perfect image for our lives. I think within time, choice is a beautiful action that we all take.

I challenge you to take a minute for yourself. Go outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. Lock yourself in your room with photo books. Take time to look at and think about all the events that have taken part in your life, and enjoy every decision that took place.


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