Sunday, February 1, 2015


I have learned that there are very few things that differentiate me from another person. For the longest time I had trouble accepting several aspects of my life and was embarrassed by the transitions I was undergoing at certain times in my life. Looking back now I wished I hadn't been so hard on myself in trying to change who I was because of the place that my mind was convinced was so terrible.

Recently, I have been thinking about several things that have been and are taking place in my life right now. You see, life is tough and theres no question about it. There is no guide that tells you what to do or where to go. Everyday is unpredictable and just when you think everything is fine it can easily be the opposite. If there is any answer to why that is or anything to blame, it is change.

Change has and continues to take place in every single individuals' life. Change again is unpredictable and cannot be controlled. It can be tricky to deal with and can involve so many mixed feelings. There are several times where change is wished upon and times where change is wished to disappear and be reversed. The worst part about it is we don't get to choose when that time comes into play. We are presented with moments where we are unprepared to act and easily lose ourselves in the darkness. There are times where we get so caught up with the idea that we have the key to living our own life and are not willing to open up to opportunities simply because we fear the outcome.

The truth is, change will continue to come. You don't have a choice and you never will. Change is a part of life whether we like it or not. The only thing I can advice you to do is to accept that change. I am a huge believer that things happen for a reason. I know sometimes its important to know that we do have the power to change certain aspects of our life in order to be happy. However, you have to allow negative things to happen in life in order to grow as a person and learn the different characteristics that life has to offer. There's no point of running away because negative moments will and must occur. We have to realize that if we don't allow ourselves to accept it and let it happen, we will never allow new things to come our way.

In conclusion, change is a funny thing. We have the power to change things, but change also has a way of presenting itself when we are unprepared. Change is a huge part of life which involves making mistakes and learning from them during the hard moments that are thrown our way. I encourage you to take every moment whether it is good or bad and be thankful for it. Not only will you grow from it but you will also expand to be someone who accepts who they are. Never be afraid to be you, because in the long run it's all about transition!


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