Monday, July 7, 2014

What's Next

Dear Internet,

I believe I've had over a month to finally process the huge accomplishment of graduating high school.
It's funny because I don't think its still quite hit me yet. But anyways, I had been debating sharing my thoughts on my high school experience and what the future hopefully holds for me.

For some reason I feel like everywhere (movies, books & people) make high school out to be one of the worst experiences that anyone could possibly live. The truth is that's only half true. Like anything in life there are situations that are presented to you during these four years that have you questioning every aspect of your life. Perhaps its because I felt as if I had already lived the high school years (as most of my friends are four years + older than me). From the beginning I acknowledged the fact that everyone was going to have different views as well as personalities, and that the truth was not everyone was willing to be friends with you (harsh I know). Freshman year was probably by far my favorite, because the thought of not being the only one going through the same experiences was wonderful. But things escalated as the next three years continued.

I have come to conclusions that high school is a hard journey. Not because of the educational aspect, but because you're being forced to decide on your future in four years not to mention at such a young age. Its the point in your life where you're deciding what is best for you meanwhile balancing school work and the relationships you share with certain individuals.

My junior year of high school I decided that I was going to take a step closer to responsibilities by getting a job. It was pretty exciting knowing that I was finally capable of making my own money and not really depending on my parents for everything. At the same time, It became harder because now I was balancing a job, school as well as relationships in both school and work. Somehow I managed to survive and continued to work throughout the last year.

Senior year. Man oh man. When people mention it, they never truly showcase the true colors of it. Sure its all fun because you can slack off and it's your last year. But then you realize that its not all fun, you have about twelve or so months to make up your mind on where your future holds. For an eighteen year old it can be one of the most mentally exhausting years. Don't get me wrong, there are also positives to this year. I found that most relationships were formed my last year in high school because you learned to leave all the cliche that lives in the halls of high school behind.

Graduation was a blast. I don't think many people actually acknowledge how big of an accomplishment it really is to receive your diploma. I know I personally worked hard both in school as well as life in order to be able to walk down and make both my parents and my brother proud.

And now, well it's time for more change. I am headed to live my dreams of spending most of my week in San Francisco. I am most excited to meet people who share similar interests and diversity. The thing about high school is that people have the ability to form certain judgments about you based off of what they see in you throughout the four years. But something seems different when it comes to college. I am in the process of forming a plan and creating ideas of where I see myself in the next ten years. Both my mom and dad have always preached to me that anything is possible if you work hard for it. So because of this,wherever I stand in the next few years depends on my willingness. I'm excited to close this chapter of my life and start a new one.

Can I just remind you that high school is four years out of your entire life?
Because I can already tell there is so much more out there.

Good luck.

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