Monday, July 7, 2014


Greetings Internet, 

"You can be happy where you are."
-Joel Osteen

I myself as much as the average individual continue to seek the idea of being happy. Perhaps its because happiness is a concept that we spend our lives searching for. If we ask ourselves where it lies, most of us would respond with a variety of answers, and I think that resembles the beauty of life. 

Webster Dictionary defines happiness as the following:

Hap•pi•ness (noun)

: The state of being happy
: An experience that made you happy
 : A state of well-being and contentment 

Meanwhile Urban Dictionary defines happiness as the following: 


: Happiness is everything

To me, I like to think that happiness is taking a risk. It's a state, where regardless if things go wrong, another opportunity will present itself that will prove to you that things happen for a reason. 

The thing many don't realize is that there is no such thing as reaching the state of happiness and living in it forever, because happiness comes in moments. It's about trying new things and challenging yourself to become a stronger version of you. Many describe it as a moment of bliss. 

Perhaps happiness means different things as we go through life. So maybe the idea of happiness really lies in the moment/present. 

So I decided to come up with a top 5 list of things that make me happy

  1. San Francisco
  2. Coffee
  3. Family/ Friends
  4. The person who was once a stranger
  5. Memories
If you are one who is also seeking happiness I recommend you join me in enjoying the present, because the thing about happiness is that it truly doesn't exist until it does. You can't force it.

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