Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happiness II

Happiness is one of the most important states that we all get to take a part in. The thing with happiness is that regardless of who you are, you must work towards it.

I've realized that a lot of times we forget to take take time for ourselves and worry more about other people in our life. Although it may sound selfish, its important to forget everyone around us and give ourselves time to grow.

I'm sure a lot of people can relate when it comes to being in those pissed off moods for no reason. You know those days when you come home from work or school and just feel like locking yourself inside your room and crying for absolutely no reason? To tell you the truth, that's unhealthy.

I myself am someone who worries so much about everyone around me and forget about my own state of happiness. It's something thats really hard for me to work towards. I won't lie, because to be honest, there are several times where I forget about "me" time and drive myself insane.

It's a matter of acknowledging the negativity and taking action to become happy!

One of the healthiest actions you can take is finding something that really makes you happy. I don't think anyone really understands what I mean when I talk about how happy the city makes me. But something about being under hundreds of skyscrapers gives a sensation in my body that brings a certain feeling of joy.  The amazing thing is that even the smallest things can bring happiness. If its going on a drive late at night and clearing your mind on the freeway or sitting at home and listening to your favorite tunes. As long as you find something that helps you let go of reality and expectations, thats really all you can ask for.

Its so important to know when your down so you can do something about it. I know its one of those situations where it's easier said then done, but its important to realize that no one is in charge of your happiness but yourself.

YOU must do whatever it takes to reach that state.

I encourage you to take action to reach that certain state you may have been searching for, cause after all aren't we all searching for bits of happiness?

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