Monday, July 21, 2014


Why is it that in our world today 7 out of 10 girls believe they are not good enough?
Who gets to decide what is "perfect" or "beautiful"?

I am a strong believer in allowing everyone to have an equal chance in this world to become who they want to be. But there is always a certain blockade that gets in the way. The most disgusting part is that the blockade always seems to be physical appearance and/or expectations from the media.

If we go back to early times, movies never portrayed what a perfect body was, because the image of a women already had such a strong impact on the world.

Today its become acceptable for society to judge one's ability based on their appearance. People look towards materialistic aspect and form opinions of one another based on what someone wears.

If I can give any advice, it would simply be to build a sense of beliefs and morals and go based off of what you truly believe rather than jumping on the bandwagon and hating on others.

Society has given us several platforms that have been created, and almost expects us to follow. This can relate to topics such as eating disorders, drugs & sex.

// I wanted to touch emphasis on sex because its one of the topics that creates the most controversy when it comes to females. It would be lying if people said that society is ok with girls sleeping around. The truth is that society labels certain people as ugly names because of the sexual experiences they have encountered. Names such as slut and hoe are so funny to me. Its ironic you see, because boys can get away with doing whatever they choose to and still hold "legacy". Where as girls are preached to respect themselves, which I agree with, however I'm also with the idea that girls have to stand up for their rights as individuals and not allow society to keep portraying them as a delicate self.

Perhaps its labels that really get in the way of girls having an equal opportunity. I encourage you to build up the confidence to use your voice and power in this world. Today you may be looked down on if you take a certain move, however its importance to stand up for your place in our society.

By all means go live the life that makes YOU happy.

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