Thursday, August 29, 2019


The question always arises when discussing relationships,
even at the age of 17, thinking I had any idea to what love entailed.

"Do soulmates exist?"

The truth is, I've always been attracted to individuals as I feel entitled to learn every detail about someone in order to protect them at all costs.

Life has a funny way of showcasing opportunities and blessings in many ways that we might find confusing to us. Often times we consider the variables of what our mission on this earth might be. In fact I've considered this several times whilst I lay in bed, or write happy birthday messages to those I care deeply about.

You see, it might sound silly to several people living on the earth, because if were talking biology many might argue that our only goal on this planet is to reproduce and help the process of evolution. Quite frankly, my mission on this earth might contribute to 1% of that, that is if I get lucky.

Sitting at the adult table at every kid's birthday party, sitting on the opposite side of a crowd of kids screaming together, and paying attention to one's emotions, that became my specialty from a young age. I learned to evaluate and learn, simply by observing and paying attention to what kids my age never learned to.

Growing up I had issues with setting boundaries with my observations, as I overanalyzed everything. I would get bullied for being quite and staring, many thinking I was stalking. I never learned how to control it, so when I would get attacked I felt crazy and misunderstood by my peers. I lost friendships throughout the years due to this.

When the idea of love came to play a part of my life, the analyzations and details became even more prominent.

Soulmates has always been a tricky issue to discuss as many believe it to be a Romeo and Juliet type situation. The truth is, soulmates can be just about anyone that steps foot into your life, at least thats how I see it.

Although the process of evolution sounds like an interesting mission set forth by god or a bigger entity(whatever you choose to believe), I've always felt a strong connection to the idea that my mission on this earth is to help, to listen, and to simply learn... EVERYTHING.

I've come across hundreds of people in my life thus far, but theres been few who have resonated with me and allowed me to grow as a person. Its funny to think that someone can walk into your life, probably not thinking anything of it, and leave one of the biggest marks behind. The way it works in my eyes is, this person standing in front of you was placed here for a reason, whether they're meant to stay in your life for decades, or even an hour. Whether they needed to meet me, or I needed to meet them, we came across each others paths to contribute to my mission of learning. Few people can lend you their ears, or inspire you with their words, however those who do are destined to be your soulmate.

Life gets weird, after all I've had soulmates walk out of my life, but if were talking about soulmates we must understand the importance of realizing the soulmate is the person you met in that time frame. People evolve, people change, and that just something that we must learn to accept and move forth with.

Soulmates can vary from the friend you first asked for a piece of binder paper on your first day of college, to the person who fulfilled the idea of love in your head for the first time, to the chance at life living inside your 4-month-old belly. Individuals can tell you a lot about life and give you a purpose to evolve and change characteristics about yourself or the environment you live in. So why are we so scared to label someone as our soulmate? Let whoever's words sat in your head, resonate with you for life. Learn from those words, and don't be afraid to inspire.

/ˈsōl ˌmāt/ : A person ideally suited to another person under temperament 

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