Saturday, June 28, 2014


Greetings Internet,

The beauty of a relationship is connecting with someone in a way you never connected with someone else. The tricky part is recognizing the underrated beauty, which is understanding your independence that you have as an individual. I think a lot of times people of all ages struggle to show their independence and fall into a comfort zone, and simply settle.

Although settling is sometimes considered to be good, it doesn't mean you should allow it. It's important to take time for yourself and strive to accomplish goals of your own whether they involve your significant other or not. I think the hardest part is falling for someone at the wrong time.

In addition, if you ever feel like you should be picking between the relationship and your plans/goals, you should consider reevaluating what you want. You know how people always say if there is ever doubt in your relationship it just isn't meant to be? It's most likely true, even if its hard to admit. There should never be ifs or buts, or really any excuse when it comes to these situations. Although we don't always know what we want, it's best to understand whats important to us.

As hard as it might be, if the other person isn't willing to adjust to make an effort to your liking, I can personally say its best to go your separate way. We often get caught up with the idea of being happy and having someone to brag about to your friends. But this doesn't cover up the reality of our emotions.

A relationship is something so unique to our sensations as well as to our whole. It's such a personal connection with someone who was once a stranger, and to be honest it can be one of the hardest things to put to rest. But sometimes things don't work out for a reason and just aren't meant to be, so stay calm and carry on being happy :)

chin up buttercup.

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