Sunday, May 25, 2014

The City

The thing that sparks the most questions in my life.
"Why are you so obsessed with the city?"

Let me break it down for you. 
The city is simply my choice of an escape. Reason being it's open 24/7. Theres ALWAYS someone to talk to & the lights are always on. 

I don't quite remember how accurate this is, but my first time visiting San Francisco was when I was about 5 or 6. At that time, the city felt so large. The best thing is, I am now 18 and the city seems bigger. The thing I find most fascinating about large cities is that you can meet complete strangers, make the best of friendships with them, and never see them again. For someone who deals with trust issues, that seems like the greatest invention ever, RIGHT?

Now think about this, one block of a big city can contain about 50 coffee shops, maybe 20 Starbucks, walk 1 more block and you have the hidden coffee shop that serves great coffee for half the price of a venti drink. Who can't appreciate that?

So what led me to choose attending school in San Francisco? 
Simply because of its diversity. 
It's the thought of everyone having a chance to fit in.

My favorite thing is looking around to the skyscrapers & bridges, realizing this was man made. Let that sink in for a minute. Walking over to the water and thinking about how far it actually stretches. 

Next thing you know, your worries are gone.

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