Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cheers to 2018

What a year.
As we quickly approach the last few days of the year, I've found myself reflecting on all the obstacles and opportunities that presented themselves. I have learned many lessons this year as I continue to step foot into adulthood and learn to prioritize certain things over others. I thought the best way to wrap up my year was by making a list of things I learned, and a few of the things that I hope to accomplish over 2018.

I hope everyone had an eye opening year and was able to learn something about one's self along the way to make 2018 a little extra special!

2017 was a year filled with anxiety and anguish. As the world watched the country's devastating events take place, I couldn't help but feel lost. I am definitely someone who relies on my environment's energy to get me through, and during times when life felt very low, I found it hard to get on my feet. Despite the feeling of loss, I took the negativity and learned a few lessons out of it.

1. Don't allow other people to determine your happiness
Perhaps its the sagittarius traits in me, but I absolutely hate when someone tells me I can't do something. Throughout the year I had several instances where people would try to convince me of what decision was best for me, and although I did appreciate it, I wish I would have thought about myself at first. Rather than choosing decisions based on what others believed to be the right thing to do, I found myself ignoring what I wanted to do and followed as I was told, in the end creating breakdowns and unhappiness.

2. Your health matters!!
I've mentioned several times that I tend to be someone who piles up an unrealistic amount of things on my plate, and although I know I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to, my stubborn personality led me to the doctor's office way more times than I would have planned in 2017. It can be easy to forget about the simple things such as getting a good amount of sleep, or drinking a glass of water, let alone the 7 or so that doctors recommend. With everything going on in my life, I was not on top of my health, further creating issues that could have an effect on me in the future. I remember hearing a saying, "treat your body as if it was someone's you loved"

3. Ask questions, don't be scared.
This can fall under several occasions, however, this relates to health and doctors visits for me. I remember taking a health communications class a few semester back and learning a lot about communication in general. People tend to be scared of their doctors and always just go by what they recommend as they believe they should know everything, I mean they're doctors right?? WRONG. This year I learned to value my health a bit more and switched doctors at least 4 times simply because I felt like they didn't fit what I needed out of a doctor's visit. I learned to ask questions, seriously.. about everything! I learned to be honest and shy away from feeling embarrassed. I learned to not be scared, and to research everything I wanted to know about my mental health, and body.

3. Just do it!
If there's one thing I'm really glad I did this year, it was letting go of some fear and doing things I've been wanting to do for a while. This year, I quit my job, and began working in the city, which has always been a childhood dream. Although it may not be my ideal job, I get to spend everyday in my favorite city and leaving behind the negative that was roaming over my life, I finally get to say I feel content and happy with my decisions. Don't let fear get in the way of you doing things, just do them. It can be easier said than done, but let yourself explore the idea, and act on it while you can.

4. You can't control what goes on
Like I said, I depend on my environment's energy, and often times have mental breakdowns when things go bad. I've learned that you can't control what goes on in life, but you can control how you react to it. I've learned that its 100% ok to cry, be mad, be happy, and be sad. There's no right or wrong way to go about life events, but understanding that bad things must happen for good to come in, is something I really learned to value. 

5. Don't take things for granted
This year changed my perspective on how to live life. All the events that took place, and especially having to research and study  them for class assignments, really took a toll on me. I found it very inspiring how our community, through the internet, and the streets, came together to fight for things we felt were important. I think that's something I look forward to in 2018 as I want to get involved and not sit back taking my rights as an individual for granted. 

6. You can only meet someone half way
I think one of the hardest things about reaching your 20's, and well adulthood, is deciding who you're leaving behind. If you're anything like me, I would drive a whole road trip of a rode for anyone I felt was important to my life, without realizing all the negative impact I am enduring. One thing I realized was.. well you can only meet someone half way. The road is to be shared in order to make any type of relationship work, whether it'd be a friendship or a relationship with a significant other. I learned to be patient, give space when needed, but overall realize when people aren't willing to make time for you. It can be hard accepting the diminish of a friendship, but it can only get worst if you're sitting there questioning everything. I've learned that people will make time and effort to see you if they really want to, and that you should value the time you have with your loved ones, always!

7. Education is everything
School is not for everyone. In the beginning of college 4 years ago, I wasn't even sure what I was doing attending classes because I simply didn't fit in. I didn't read. I didn't take notes. I didn't enjoy lectures. I stuck through it. Fast forward to my senior year, I learned to take my time with education. It can be very easy to feel unfit when you see your friends and peer graduating while you continue to choose classes for the following semester. This year, I allowed myself to take classes I found interest in, and to simply learn. 2017 had so many events take place that made it even more interesting to learn about the past, about the future, and well about what was going on in our world. I learned to value education as I began realizing that not everyone gets a fair shot at it! 

In 2018, I want to go about living life as if I only had a few months to figure it all out 

  • I want to focus on my education
  • I want to focus on my health, and get help
  • I want to not settle, and find what I love
  • I want to love myself
  • I want to learn to be patient
  • I want to express my creativity
  • I want to do things for me
  • I want to prove myself wrong, because anything is possible
  • I want to meet new people 
  • I want to travel
  • I want to let go of fears 
  • I want to try new things
  • I want to organize my lifestyle
  • I want to focus on myself.

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