Friday, October 3, 2014

First Tattoo Experience!

Greetings Internet, 

I'm a little late on posting this, but thats only because my friend took two months to finally email me this picture. 

If you follow me on Instagram you might of seen that I posted a picture not too long ago showcasing a tattoo on my wrist. This was actually my first (of many) tattoo(s).

I wanted to share my experience as I know tattoos are very tempting and fun.

Background story, I knew I had wanted a tattoo for a long time, my friends can tell you. For the past few months I had been trying to find the right time to take the jump. I personally did not want to have my parents pay for it, even though my dad offered quite a few times. 

I had been contemplating between two tattoos that meant something to me. When it came to that Tuesday morning, I kind of just decided to go with the moon. I know a moon tattoo is so cliche, and an all over Pinterest & Tumblr kind of tattoo. However, for me it wasn't so much about "I might regret it later on". I am someone who doesn't like to believe that regrets exist and that we do things to make our story a bit more interesting. 

The meaning behind the moon tattoo for me symbolized that regardless of where some of the most important people in life are, the moon is always the same size, everywhere. It probably won't make much sense to anyone, but I think thats the beauty of art, you shouldn't have to explain yourself, its something private. 

The experience itself was painless. The process took around 15 minutes total! The girl who tattooed me was so nice and truly cared about my comfort level. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous about how painful getting a tattoo was going to be, as its a few needles stabbing into your skin. With that being said, I would rate the pain level a 1/5. Harmless. I was trying to describe the pain to my friends the other day, and I think I finally found the most accurate description. I thought it felt like someone was scratching my arm with a mechanical pencil (lead). 

If anything, I would say that the healing process was the pain in the but, not because of pain, but because of the amount of care. You have to follow the directions in order for your tattoo to look the way you want it to! I started using lotion rather than ointment about 4 days after. The peeling was minimal. 

I definitely have a few tattoos lined up, however these are pricy. Prices vary on each location, they charged me $80.

I'm not sure what else I could of possibly missed, but if you have any specific questions you could always ask me through tumblr or twitter. 

Till next time, 

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