Monday, September 3, 2018


SPOILER ALERT: I rlly fucking like it.

Trippie Redd, surprisingly a name that not many people are familiar with when it comes to the rap game.

Trippie has had a few break through hits over the last two years, but had his first breakthrough moment with his hit 'Love Scars' which was uploaded on Soundcloud in November of 2016. (Seriously, if you're not on soundcloud, just download it. I always get questions on how to preview songs before they are released, heres the answer).

As the emerging "SoundCloud Rap" began to take light in the rap game, Trippie Redd's name became relevant through the 62 million streams on 'Love Scars' itself. The year 2017 became an important year for Trippie and Soundcloud as he released his first mixtape on May 12, 2017 on the music platform, which was later released on Spotify and Apple Music through the label known as TenThousand Projects.

Like many of the emerging artists from SoundCloud, Trippie has been criticized and glorified for his sound as he incorporates a mixture of genres and sound.

Through various conversations I've had with friends in relation to Trippie's music, the conflicting opinions are usually "music god" or "he just moans".

Life's A Trip was one of the albums that I was looking forward to  dropping, as I had just began to delve into Trippie's music a few months prior to its release.

The album features 14 tracks, with a few singles that had been previewed and released. I wanted to share some of my favorites as always :)

Taking A Walk
This track was previewed back in Dec of 2017 and later in March of 2018. At first listen I wouldn't say this song had mad much of an impression on what the album had to offer, but the more I listened, the beat won me over. I listened to the song a few times the day it was released and found myself later bumping to it. Produced by Scott Storch, which can I say was a shock to see, as he has produced for artists such as Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Fat Joe, Ginuwine, & several others. The song describes suicidal thoughts and death and how people don't want to see one succeed/or alive.
"Bet my coffin would be nice, yeah.. cause people don't want me alive"

Missing My Idols
I noticed that months prior to the album dropping most people were talking about hoping Trippie would include more of him rapping on his album. Back in 2017 on A Love Letter to You, you might recall the song Can You Rap Like Me?, which Trippie raps about being a better rapper to both his hater and competitors. Missing My Idols is actually a sequel to the track in the 17' tape. I appreciate that the track breaks up some of the versatile tracks throughout the album as he plays around with rap and alternative throughout.
"I grab a bible, pray for my rivals"

Bird Shit
One thing to pay attention when it comes to Trippie is that he will most likely always leak or preview a song through instagram. That being said, I was watching one his lives back in May when he pretty much leaked Bird Shit. The song follows songs like Missing My Idols and Can You Rap Like Me in singing about being in first place and watching his haters basically shitting on him for being on top. If you're someone who hates when Trippie moans and screams 14 over and over on a song, beware for the bird noises. Jokes aside, the beat on the song goes hard in the car.
"All that bullshit for the birds"

The song kinda just glorifies the life of a rapper as many previously have been involved in violence related crimes or gang related acts. Trippie mentions guns, drugs, and the idea of being ontop by taking shots at other rappers in the game. The beat transitions well with Trippie's lyrics and gives a slowed down track.
"Do the dash in the racecar"

As the album featured tracks such as Wish and Dark Knight Dummo, which were released as singles, I wanted to focus on songs that were really only previewed before the album release.

Like I mentioned, many people have yet to dive into Trippie's music, as he's not as well known. What many people don't realize is that the features and collaborations this young rapper has had in his career thus far are actually pretty big, so to another touch I have created a playlist of some of my favorite Trippie songs.

I actually really enjoyed the album as Trippie is one of the few artists in the game right now with a versatile sound. I follow him pretty close on Instagram and have heard snippets of future projects, which I'm sure will be released within the upcoming year. I'm pretty excited to see him live this month and see what his production live is like!

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