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I wanted to take my time to post this review because I really wanted to delve into the production of the album and the samples used throughout it. Astroworld, named after the amusement park in Houston, Texas, which closed back in 2005, incorporates snippets of amusement park goers' screams & portrays the energy present throughout the park and city of Houston.

In an interview with GQ Travis explained his reasoning for naming the album after the park and explains how the closure of the area took away the fun and how kids simply wanted to turn toward it to enjoy their youth, despite the area turning into room for new apartments/homes.

As always I'm sharing a few of my favorite songs from the album.

Before I begin I wanted to make a quick note to say I respect Travis as an artist as he was one of the earliest performances I attended and despite the turnout for him, he continued on to create music based on his environment and the inspiration behind it, if you know, you know I'm big on the environment's energy.

The very first song on the album. Although this song was previewed a few times earlier in April, I thought this was a perfect way to open up an album that explores creativity and self awareness. The song describes the intake of a substance, or psychedelics creating an astronomical world thats unlike reality.  Through this experience the idea of being ontop provides an opportunity to give other's dreams a chance to become reality, which correlates to the reasoning of  bringing back the park for the kids.
"Just to drown out all these thoughts, I tried all kinds of things"

I'm not even gonna lie, I actually lost my shit. Are you kidding me? I die for Frank Ocean hooks on songs, but the fact that he had a verse, made this song even better. I mean theres not much to say about this song besides the fact that the lyrics are talking about being under the influence of drugs. The mixture of auto-tune and genuine singing created an organic transition between both artists throughout.
"New world, new sky that's so blue its black too"

Featuring Swae Lee, a tribute to DJ Screw who passed away in 2000 due to an overdose. The track involves two elements that I took away from the album which were self awareness and play on words. Throughout the track, the idea of slowing down the beat and tone creates the illusion of the passing, and creates an aurora of what its like to take away life. In correlation to the lyrics, Travis played on words by creating the loss of life on this track.
"Rest in peace to Screw, tonight we take it slowly"

The track features a beat produced by London Cyr, Frank Dukes & WondaGurl which is is not only catchy, but flows well throughout the song. Like the last three songs the lyrics present the idea of being under the influence and how it compares to reality. From what I took away, Astroworld's closure, which once was a pure joy to young kids, only pushed them to create their own reality by experimenting with astronomical worlds provided during the usage of drugs.
"Gotta watch out where you go cause shit get real"

I was a little skeptical coming into listening the album for the first time as the production length kept getting teased and pushed back for a quite a while. At first listen, I really enjoyed the first three songs and felt the album slow down towards the end, but understood the reasoning when I looked into the storyline to the album and why the production played a huge role in the story. I was surprised to hear the decrease in auto-tune throughout the album, and Travis trying a new type of sound with a mixture of his infamous auto-tune in between. I was not expecting as many features throughout the album, but felt like it helped add a different sound and add to each track itself.

The album should be available on all music platforms, but like always I have linked the spotify link attached to the post so you can give it a listen for yourself.

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