Friday, March 30, 2018



wow wow wow, I was totally not expecting anything new to drop anytime soon, but of course we got this beauty!

In case you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours and are in search for something to listen to, I highly recommend you click play... like right now. The Ep only features 6 songs, which is a perfect opportunity for someone to be introduced to The Weeknd and find themselves emerged in a quick story. The EP played out so quick that I got confused when Spotify changed to the album radio and started playing Starboy songs. 

I have been absolutely lacking on creating music playlists, so instead I thought I would pick a few of my favorite songs from this small trophy. 

To begin... Privilege, which is the shortest song.. is by far my favorite. In this song it is said that Abel references The Matrix when talking about red/blue pills, which is his way of saying "back to reality". The song discusses the pain of a breakup as he looks toward sex and alcohol to cure his broken heart. Something about how the song plays out is so beautiful.. seriously its under 3 minutes just listen. 

Try Me : When looking at the lyrics, The Weeknd paints and image of him trying to contact and ex as he tries to convince her to give him another shot and leave her new man behind. 

Wasted Times: I think if there is one song that people were going to be able to relate to the most on this album is this one. Wasted Times tells the story of first love breakup where you rely on someone else to cure the pain from your previous, knowing that you are still very much in love. Here he questions what his ex is up to and states that he still has things to offer. 

Despite the length of the piece, I think Abel was able to convey emotion through his lyrics, which is why the internet is describing the comeback of the "old weeknd"

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