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Jhené Aiko has been one of my favorite artists throughout the years, in fact she was one of the ways I discovered the talented SZA. Aiko had two project prior to Trip which included Sail Out & Souled Out, which if you have yet to listen to... please do so.

Trip was released earlier this week on September 22, 2017, and was part of her project called MAP which included a short film (M), an album (A), and a poetry book (P). The album contains 22 songs which is pretty unheard of these days. One of the things I was most excited about was Jhené's sense of honesty and reality. If you have listened to any interviews, you would know Jhené mentions her brothers battle with cancer and her previous marriage having a huge impact on her life, as well as her music.

Although I want to give my thoughts on the album as a whole, I will only mention a few songs that I think were key to this project as there are 22 songs and this post would be way too long for anyone to keep up with. I really do recommend you guys give this album not one listen, but a few to really understand the background and picture being painted through its storyline.

The album begins with the song "LSD"
LSD is said to be a song that sets you up for the trip. Jhené explains going through a difficult relationship and coping with the death of Miyagi, her brother. She explains going on a road trip to Big Sur by herself and taking "magic mushrooms". She recorded herself singing to instrumental music and later came across her notebook when she was recording songs for this project and thought this was a perfect first song to start everything off. 

"While We're Young"
This is probably my personal favorite of the album. This song is the beginning of the love chapter on the album and explains Jhené's ideal love situation. She described this song to be like when you're first falling for someone and how one seems to be so optimistic about the relationship and life at the time.

"New Balance"

I actually found this song on Soundcloud about a year ago. It's also one of my favorite songs because I think this was a very personal song for her to put out. Jhené began writing this song in 2016 when she had a "crush" on a boy, some speculate it was in relation to her previous marriage. When she fell out of her crush she described feeling uninspired to finish the song... that was until Big Sean came into her life. She explained feeling passionate towards what she was saying in the lyrics, and said that the first verse in the song applied to her new love too. The reason this song is also one of my favorites is because John Mayer is actually playing his guitar in this!

"Never Call Me"
This song is said to be describing Jhené's very public breakup with Dot The Genius. Jhené explained taking mushrooms and feeling more exaggerated about the situation. No communication throughout the breakup is what inspired this song as Jhené explains people asking her all these questions based off of what they had heard, and her just wanting to talk about it person to person between them two.

Jhené took to Twitter to explain that her Trip (movie) and 2Fish (poetry book) will be available this fall. Again if you have yet to listen to the album, give it a listen. The storyline behind it is really interesting and although I only covered a few of my favorite songs, I highly recommend reading into the album in order to really understand the story she is trying to tell. It's definitely on a more personal level, which I really admire. I know she is going to be touring with Lana Del Rey for 5 dates on her Moon Tour, but if she happens to tour this upcoming year, I definitely plan on going. I saw her perform at Soulquarius in Santa Ana last year and I can honestly say she brings you into a whole different environment throughout her performance.

So to say the least, this album did not disappoint.

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