Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogmas Day 5: Current Beauty Favorites

Hey guys, I'm a little hesitant about posting my first beauty post on here simply because I'm not a makeup artist whatsoever nor do I even apply my makeup on properly. After giving it a thought I figured that posting about products didn't necessarily mean I was posting tutorials about how to use them, but to share my experience with them. So today, I wanted to share with you a few of the products that I have been loving! 

Estēe Lauder's Eyeshadow Duo
12 Raisins

I first heard about this palette in one of Zoe's tutorials and fell in love with how it looked. Obviously these colors do make blue eyes pop because of the scheme however the lighter shade is perfect to throw on with just mascara! I sometimes use the cranberry/maroon shade to line my eyes with a angled brush.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

This is my holy grail product. Although it does get pricy, I think its totally worth the price because it gives such a flawless finish. I don't wear face makeup everyday so I get away with not using up the product too quick.

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner
Crystal Gold & Crystal Gold Metal

Ahh I love these gems. These products definitely become my favorite accent/detail products to apply around the holiday season because they can be subtle yet add the perfect amount of glitter to your look.

Benefit Highlighter
 Watts Up

I recently got into highlights, and after finding this in my makeup box I decided to give it a go. I adore how it gives the right amount of light on the cheeks without being shiny and making you look oily rather than giving a glow.

Mac Lipstick
Russian Red & Lustering 

Mac lipsticks are by far one of my favorites. They have such a variety of not only colors, but also formulas. These two have been in my everyday makeup for the last few months. 

Milani Lipstick 
Uptown Mauve

I was absolutely torn when I couldn't find Rebel by Mac, and after deciding not to spend $15 again, I headed to the drugstore to find a similar color. Uptown Mauve is a little more of a raspberry color compared to Rebel but if you work with it by mixing it with a darker color you can get pretty close. I really like this when I don't feel like pulling out the red lipstick again. 

I would like recommendations on beauty products that I can try out because I have not been makeup shopping in a few months! 

I hope you are all having a good week


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