Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blogmas Day 4: Christmas, Coffee & Walks

Hello its me, that girl that forgot about posting everyday leading up till Christmas. Just kidding I promise you I didn't forget about blogmas, I just simply got too busy trying to write an essay that was ten pages long and overall decides whether I pass english or not. 

Aside from that, I thought that I would share with you what I was up to today.
I'm not going to lie I've had a pretty stressful week with finals coming up next week, not only that but I have been working at my new job for about a month and have yet to receive pay. I'm beginning to lose it... 

Anyways today I decided that not only would it cheer me up, but that it was a perfect idea to put up our Christmas tree at 10 pm. My family and I have had this fake Christmas tree for about 10 years, I am not exaggerating. I've always wanted to get a real tree, however my mother has the worst case of allergies. We have always had a gold and red theme on our tree for as long as I can remember, that was until last year where we decided to get rid of the colorful lights and stick with white lights along with silver ornaments. (I'm not going to lie that was totally my idea, have you seen my room?)

Earlier in the day I stopped by a coffee shop to pick up a latte because its December and I'm addicted to coffee. (I really do have an addiction)

I guess the most eventful part of my day was taking Fitzgerald out for a walk around our neighborhood. I really used to dread taking him out because the thing with Fitzgerald is that he is stubborn as hell and will cry his eyes out until you take him out, oh and not to mention walk him where ever he pleases! Now I have really enjoyed taking him out on longer walks and even venturing out into the park across the street from us because I've learned that it allows me a time to enjoy myself and escape the stress that builds up with sitting at home all day. 

I have been playing around a bit with a few things in addition to things to come! 

I hope you are all enjoying blogmas, and if you are doing it yourself be sure to link your blog below! 


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