Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Mondays XX

Greetings Internet, 
I am currently sitting in the cafeteria waiting for my astronomy lecture to begin, So I figured, why not post this weeks playlist.

  1. Outer Space (feat. Genevieve)- G
  2. End Of The Affair- Ben Howard *
  3. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
  4. It Took a Minute- Generationals *
  5. Beggin For Thread- Banks
  6. Second Heartbeat- Shy Girls *
  7. Red- Phoria
  8. Permission to Love- Hayden James
  9. Song Cry- Jay Z 
  10. Put A Light On- Generationals
Yet another week with just a playlist. 


Please check out Henry Green's MGMT Electric Feel cover. 
I will link his Facebook page, which will give you a free download! 

Till next time, 

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