Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Mondays XVIII

Greetings Internet,

  1. Waitin' On The Day// John Mayer
  2. Liar Liar// Cris Cab *
  3. I Will Follow You into the Dark// Daniela Andrade
  4. Crazy// Daniela Andrade
  5. Crave You// Daniela Andrade *
  6. Blood Bank// Kina Grannis
  7. Ten Feet Tall// Wrabel
  8. I Love You Will Still Sound The Same// Oh Honey
  9. Un-thinkable// Daniela Andrade *
  10. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop// Landon Pigg

As you can see I am still in love with Daniela's covers. 

I did not have a video favorite of the week, because I was too busy watching netflix. oops.

I hope you guys enjoy this weeks playlist!

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