Monday, August 18, 2014

Music Mondays XV

Hello Internet! 
It's time for another playlist to brighten your week! 

  1. Collapse// Vancouver Sleep Clinic 
  2. Beautiful Girl// William Fitzsimmons *
  3. Tee Shirt// Birdy *
  4. Bridge// High Highs
  5. To Build A Home// The Cinematic Orchestra *
  6. Blood Stutter// Handsome Ghost
  7. Not Going Home// Great Good Fine Ok
  8. Small Memory// Jon Hopkins
  9. Andalusia// Hammock
  10. Twins// Gem Club
  11. Fun// Troye Sivan 
  12. Gasoline// Troye Sivan *
  13. Read My Mind// The Killers 
* favorites

This week was a tough week on me as I was in and out of the hospital. Not only did I have a kidney scare, I acquired a cold, and well mother nature decided to take a visit as well. This playlist probably showcases my week. 

Music Video favorite of the week?

Troye's Happy Little Pill!

I hope you had a great week full of awesome music! See you next week with another playlist

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