Monday, June 16, 2014

Music Mondays VI

Greetings Internet, 

Yet another week of music.
I'm really enjoying finding music from all genres that I enjoy, and since summer is finally here I think they might get a little lengthier

  1. Backyard Animals/ Max Elto
  2. Sleepless/ CAZZETTE
  3. Venice/ The Lighthouse And The Whaler
  4. Mona Lisa/ Little Daylight
  5. Nobody But You/ Kimbra
  6. Palo Alto/ Devonte Hynes
  7. Hero/ Family of the Year
  8. Balance/ Future Islands
  9. Shuffle/ Bombay Bicycle Club
  10. Only Love/ Ben Howard
  11. into the wild/ Lewis Watson
  12. sink or swim/ Lewis Watson
  13. Don't Kill the Magic/ Magic!
  14. West Coast/ Coconut Records

I actually didn't have a music video favorite, but maybe next week?

P.s. I definitely recommend downloading Spotify!

Till Next Time,

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