Sunday, May 11, 2014

Music Mondays I

Greetings Internet,

These last few months I have rediscovered my love for music. When I say love, I'm not kidding. I can honestly spend hours with earbuds in my ears.

I love going online and discovering new artists, ones that honestly deserve more credit!

This is one of the reasons I decided to bring music into my blog.

I wanted to share one of the artists I am currently obsessing over.

The Icarus Account 

I discovered them while roaming around Youtube one day.
They recently released an EP on iTunes !

I thought I would share my favorite song on the EP thus far.
which is,
You (Acoustic). 
UGH. Obsessed.

I highly recommend you guys check it out! I mean you can't beat great music under ten dollars.

If you think I should continue to feature music favorites on my blog, let me know!

Till next time,

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