Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Does He Like Me?

Greetings Internet.

I think we have all or will at sometime experience the feeling of doubt when it comes to falling for someone.
One of the most confusing things, is the male brain.

I figured it would be helpful if I compiled a list of signs on how to tell if a guy likes you.
Keep in mind that every boy is different and there is a chance that just because he might be doing these things, he could also possibly not like you.

1.Stares at you
Its funny because most girls would actually find this slightly creepy, but in all reality boys have a weird way of showing their emotions. I think the reality is that they have so much pressure to make the first move, and when they actually fall for someone, they don't know how to act. Basically if you find a guy looking at you, he might just be admiring you and thinking about you.

I've noticed that when a guy likes a girl, he always seems to compliment the quirkiest things about her. Take it as a compliment though, he notices things that others don't. If he's complimenting you on your smell, legs, or hair.. he's most likely into you.

Boys have been teasing since early stages of attraction toward someone. Remember in fourth grade when a boy would mimic something you had said almost making fun of you? Yup that doesn't change even if they're in their 20's.

4. Body Language
This is what many say is the key to finding out whether or not guys are attracted to you. Take it as you will. You can either research or honestly just pay attention. If a guy is getting close to you when you talk or playfully hits you or looks directly into your eyes, or smiles... its the little things that can have the biggest details.

5.Asks Questions About You
Lets just be clear when I say this, I don't mean in a stalkerish way. But when you and a guy are having a conversation and he begins to ask about your past experiences or what you plan for the future, its a way of showing interest in you. He cares to learn more about you.

6. Pays Attention To Small Details
This kind of plays with #5 but when you are talking to him and he brings up a past detail that you even forgot you had told him, it means he remembers.

This can be really annoying and confusing all together. If a guy starts talking about a past girlfriend but sends you mixed signals we often drift away annoyed, but honestly guys are just weird. Or if you describe something you find attractive about guys overall and he knows thats not like him, and he tries to convince you thats not attractive.. he's jealous.

To finalize, I too don't understand guys. I mean which girl actually does? If you would like me to post a second part to this post, let me know!

P.S. I actually really enjoy giving advice to anyone. I mean I guess thats why my friends call me either Mother Teresa or Granny. If you have any advice tips, situations, or topics you would love to hear input on, also let me know! You can either email me or leave it in the comments.

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